Group Therapy for PNES

Services por Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures

Group psychotherapy for patients diagnosed with psychological non epileptic seizures

Having a disorder like PNES can feel lonely and sometimes you may even think you are the only one out there who has this problem. In a group, you get a chance to meet individuals who are similar to you in a lot of ways, including the diagnosis. It is powerful to meet others who may have gone through a lot of the same situations. It is useful to hear some of the approaches that they may be using. Of note, all patients understand the importance of confidentiality of all that is discussed in the group.

Group therapy, much like individual therapy will aim to be supportive, strengthening healthy
coping mechanisms.
Three major areas are targeted by the psychologist: 1) symptoms of anxiety, 2) depression, and 3) anger/assertiveness. Depending on the group characteristics, the therapy will focus more on some of these topics more than on others. Anxiety reduction techniques (i.e. breathing and muscle relaxation exercises), positive psychology, and assertiveness training are learned over the course of treatment. Each exercise is practiced in the group and then at home. Other topics, including improved sleep hygiene, diet, exercise, and other aspects of the patient's self-care are also a focus of treatment.