Nadine Boesten

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Nadine Boesten

Summer Intern

Student BA European Studies at Maastricht University (Netherlands)

4 years after I had my very first seizure caused by stress and a long journey of seeing doctors who did not grasp my condition, I am finally feeling better. This process has taught me a lot of things of which one is listening to your heart. It gave me the strength to start turning my negative in a positive both personal and career-wise. By doing an internship at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group/Epilepsy Free I hope to gain more insight on how diagnosis and treatment are organised and how advocacy for PNES can be implemented. By helping
with the organisation of the second annual PNES conference October 3rd I hope to gain more experience about the educational aspect
of PNES. I am currently also working on my bachelor thesis, in which a policy proposal will be made for dealing with PNES in the Netherlands.