Is PNES Treatment working?

Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures Information

How do we know the treatment is working?

• Improvement measures vary, but almost always the first measure that the patient and therapist will look at is whether there has been a reduction in the frequency, length, or intensity of attacks.
  - Generally it is reported that about half of patients experience an improvement with various treatments in about 6-12 months
  - Unfortunately, about a quarter of patients become chronic.

• Other important areas of improvement:
  - Positive changes in the patient's quality of life
  - Improvements in coping strategies to address difficult problems that come up in day-to-day life
  - Reduced levels of psychopathology (i.e. improvement in depressive or anxious symptoms)
  - Greater connection with feelings, being less "shut off" and being able to enjoy life more.
  - Gaining independence back
  - Being able to return to daily life (work, education, and/or driving).