Types of Non-Epileptic Attacks

Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures Information

How many different types of non-epileptic attacks are there?

Non-epileptic attacks can be triggered by physiological (bodily) processes, or by psychological (emotional) processes and therefore are divided into 2 groups:

• Physiologic non-epileptic seizures

• PNES (psychological non-epileptic seizures).

There are many causes of physiologic non-epileptic seizures. A few examples are:

  - Syncope (a temporary loss of consciousness, also known as "fainting" or "passing out" and usually due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain)

  - Sleep disorders and narcolepsy ("sleep attacks"), or daytime sleepiness due to sleep apnea (period of pauses in breathing while person is asleep).

  - Low sugar (hypocglycemia)

  - Other medical conditions

  - Your medical doctor may need to run an extra series of tests to make sure that your events are not caused by a physical trigger that requires medical treatment.

Psychological non epileptic seizures are an events that may look similar to an epileptic attack, but are triggered by emotional distress and stress.